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Promotional, Training and Awareness Programs

  1. First Organic Farming training with self-funding and expenditure– 100 farmers participated in training facilitated by Padma Shri Bharat Bhushan Tyagi Ji at Prakriti Organics Jareli Takhatpur, Bilaspur in July 2016.
  2. Second Organic Farming training for 200 farmers was conducted in Jan Swasthya Sahyog Ganiyari, Kota, Bilaspur coordinated and self-funded by farmer groups in 2017 in 22-23 October, 2016.
  3. Third Organic Farming training – practical hands on training for farmers 24 October, 2016 in Jareli (Prakriti Organics).
  4. Exposure visit for 20 farmers – participation in international organic fest, New Delhi (November, 2016).
  5. Many small meetings, awareness programs & follow up visits to farm also conducted during this period(2016-2020).
  6. Also, self-funded renovation of shop in Rama Magneto Mall (where products related to Bilaspur Organic farmers are sold).
  7. Hosted multiple farmer groups, student groups and orientation program of farmers from other states between 2018-20.
  8. Hosted Gandhi fellowship fellow for social & agro-based entrepreneurship.
  9. 6 week Internship program with 10 students of BITS Pilani for web-design, content creation, using data analytics, software in agro-business, etc. in 2020
  10. Online sessions and interactions with experts in 2019-20
  11. Sharing about facebook on successful organic farmers, also on various innovations and best practices in organic farming