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Red Rice 1 KG
Red Rice 1 KG

Red Rice 1 KG

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  • Red Rice is a special variety of rice that has a nutty flavour and the germin of this rice is left intact. it derives its rich red colour from anthocyanins and has 10 times the antioxidants than any variety of rice. It is a major source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and molybdenum. They also contain useful large sum of iron and smaller quantities of zinc and potassium. High antioxidant content, Vitamin B6 deposits, lower blood glucose level and counter effect on cholesterol are few of it's benefits.

Farmers Pride Organic Red Rice is grown naturally without the use of any pesticides. This make this grain extra healthy apart from the tons of benefits it already possess. This grain is popular for its nutty texture, unique taste, and powerful nutrient properties that make it a wonderful choice for everyday meals.

Health Benefits:
1. Contains Vitamin B6 that balances the development of red blood cells.
2. Lowers high cholesterol.
3. Helps in fighting asthma.
4. Lowers the risk of obesity.
5. Very Rich in antioxidants.
6. Rich in Fibre

Farmers Details : 


Dhanesh Sahu is 45 years old and has been doing organic farming since 6 years. He grows Vishnu Bhog rice and turmeric organically. Keeping away his farms from the chemical pesticides (which are readily available), he makes natural fertilizers and pesticides at home. Despite organic farming being 10x harder than usual farming; more labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive, he grows healthy grains for us. He has decided to go organic, why can’t you?