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Vishnu Bhog Rice  1Kg
Vishnu Bhog Rice  1Kg
Vishnu Bhog Rice  1Kg

Vishnu Bhog Rice 1Kg

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Grown in the organic fields of Chattisgarh, Vishnu Bhog rice is a premium aromatic, medium grain; non-basmati rice. Rich in taste and health benefits, this is a traditional Indian cultivar with intermediate amylose and gelatinization temperature.

It contains higher concentrations of selenium and zinc; rich in fiber content.

Health Benefits:
Aromatic rice provides fast and instant energy to the body.
Zero levels of sugar and cholesterol.
Good for a healthy heart and immune system.
Useful for dealing with diabetes, obesity, constipation.

Place of Origin: Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

 Farmer's Details

Dhanesh Sahu is 45 years old and has been doing organic farming since 6 years. He grows Vishnu Bhog rice and turmeric organically. Keeping away his farms from the chemical pesticides (which are readily available), he makes natural fertilizers and pesticides at home. Despite organic farming being 10x harder than usual farming; more labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive, he grows healthy grains for us. He has decided to go organic, why can’t you?