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Tata Invitational Golf Tourney - Greater Noida

At TATA Invitational Tourney, we exhibited our farmers’ efforts along with cheering for the Golf Victors. There, we displayed the efforts of our 200+ Organic farmers and received immense appreciation at Jaypee Greens Golf Course Greater Noida

Golf Foundation 7th Fund Raiser(Date - 28-02-2020)

Being part of The Golf Foundation's 7th Invitational Fund Raiser held at the Classic Golf & Country Club on 28th February 2020 was a huge success.It was a generous support and participation and got highly appreciated as a sponsor ending with 'Thank You Note.'

AMCHAM SAGGEZZA Golf Championship - Bangalore (Date- 07-12-2019)

We got an opportunity to let Silicon Valley savour the organic taste of our ingredients. At AMCHAM Saggezza Invitational Golf Tournament at Prestige Golf Shire Club Bangalore (07/12/2019), we displayed the efforts of our 200+ Organic farmers and received immense appreciation. 

Glimpse of Golf Event

The Golf takes a holistic approach in discovering, nurturing and securing golfing talent in the country.It means to maintain a healthy physical-mental balance and for that FarmersPride is there.

Madhavrao Scindia Golf Championship - Gurgaon (Date- 01-02-2020)

Farmers Pride at


Date: 1st February 2020


5th Golden Eagle Golf Championship - Hyderabad (Date- 10-11-2019)

The real blessing is when you present your initiative in front of the world. We got this opportunity at the 5th Eagles Golf championship, wherein we received immense love and support. At Boulder Hill Golf Club, Hyderabad 

5th Golden Eagle Golf Championship - Pune (Date- 16-11-2019 )

At the 5th Eagles Golf Championship held in Oxford Golf Resort Pune(16/11/2019), our unsung heroes - our organic farmers received immense appreciation for their hard work. We are delighted to get such an opportunity where we showcased a glimpse of our initiative in front of the Golf Players. Thanks Leander Paes for your support.