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Kitchen Garden Project

Kitchen garden project - Your contribution for your family's health and ecology begins in your backyard , and trust us when we say it will have an impact that you cannot even imagine. While most people shy away from gardening thinking that it needs a lot of space in the house, it's a myth. You just need proper planning, designing/developing and knowledge to grow vegetables at your doorsteps.

Objectives -

1. Through this project we aim at promoting the daily use of organically grown vegetables and herbs in common households , this will help in covering up malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency that is being caused by harmful chemical based fertilizers, pesticide & weedicide riddled food products. You can easily put green compost, waste from the kitchen, & neem based natural pest removers, netting etc. instead of chemicals.....

2. Growing different types of herbs and vegetables around homes and schools will give children a first hand experience of gardening that can turn into a lifelong skill that will continue to benefit them all along.

3. Conservation of our environment and ecosystem is yet another objective we are aiming at through this project , it is becoming increasingly clear and visible that human activities are causing unthinkable harm to our planet and if remedial steps are not taken in time , it might be end of road for us all , hence any contribution be it big or small is more necessary now than ever.

This initiative is led by Dr. Sanket Thakur - Higna Organics. Right now, plants are being delivered in Durg, Raipur, Bilaspur. Please go to Higna Organics Facebook page for more details.