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Our Team

Sandeep Sharma

Director & Founder

He is interested in improving rural agriculture & livelihoods. His consistent efforts for over 15 years has provided this sustainable platform- Prakriti Organics which enables farmers to directly connect with consumers.

Shraddha Yamkar

Director (Operations)

She has studied social work and rural development. She is an alumnus of Nirmala Niketan and Gandhi fellowship program. She is deeply interested in providing pure, organic and high quality food products to families.

Dr. Akhilesh

Health Cosultant & Mentor

He has studied BAMS, MD (Ayurveda Samhita) and P.HD thesis. He has worked as faculty for Private and government universities. Right now, he works for Government Ayurveda College, Bilaspur.

Gaurav Gupta

Head of Marketing

Developing effecting marketing and advertising campaigns. Brand Management, Research Target Market Sales.

Rovin Pushp


Rovin works as a consultant with Prakriti Enterprises. He is a development professional with an experience of over 10 years in the sector. He has rich experience of working with Govt., community, youth and NGOs.

Ashish Kumar

Lead Software Developer

Software management and development for structural design and development.

Pradeep Kumar

Principal Software Developer

Software development and system upgradation as per alignment of system hardware and other needs of system portfolios.

Komal Kumar

Software Developer

Software, server, Ethernet and internet security modulation operations.

Anubha Gaumat

Content Writer

handling areas such as personnel management, social welfare and the maintenance of HR records conducting interviews, Recruiting the Right People for the Right Job

Pradeep Kumar

Graphic Designer

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Rajat Kashyap

Team Member

Rajat handles local shop, transport & delivery related work. He is from Mungeli, Chhattisgarh. Along with work, he finds time for studies as well. He is about to complete his final year in graduation.

Lokesh Kashyap

Team Member

Lokesh is an allrounder. He knows the basics of farming, food processing, packaging, accounting & paper-work related to marketing & transport. He has learnt everything through apprenticeship.He has also represented us in many events.