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Our raw organic honey is unpasteurized, unprocessed and unfiltered, packed full of all the natural goodness raw honey has to offer! This 100% Certified Organic honey has been carefully sourced from bees foraging in pristine ....primarily located on the....


Our honey is so pure that it retains some of the propolis, wax and pollen which are extremely beneficial for your health and wellbeing. The honey is produced and extracted at a very low temperature to retain the maximum level of live enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals found naturally in honey.


  • -Gives tough fight to cancer
  • -Helps maintaining the heart health
  • -Handles stomach ulcers and gastric complications 
  • -Instant source of energy 
  • -Fights Asthama and respiratory conditions 
  • -Reduces the pimples, dark spots and dead skin cells
  • -Removes dandruff and strengthens the scalps 
  • -Improves Cognitive function and induces sleep
  • -Stimulates the growth of the Immune cells

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Rajeev Kumar

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