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Moong Whole

मूंग खड़ा

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Specialty: Unpolished
Product Category: Organic Pulses

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Moong Whole Details

Farmers Pride Moong Dal is unpolished, pure, organic and chemical-free. This Organic Moong Dal is extremely light and easy to digest.

You can eat it as a Dal or make a salad with it. You can also make sprouts for increasing its nutritive value. It can also be prepared in the form of Daliya or dal paranthas.

Health Benefits:

1. High in Protein and low on carbs.

2. It contains healthy antioxidants, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Copper.

3. Great source of fiber.


Moong dal is a powerhouse of nutrition. It contributes to controlling weight and improves heart health. The dietary fiber content in Moong dal helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels. It also improves digestive health and overall blood circulation in the body.

Organic Farmer

Sharadha Devi

vill Dibba Nivada,Kanpur
(Uttar Pradesh)

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