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Forest Honey

वन शहद

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Specialty: Immunity
Product Category: Organic Sweets

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Forest Honey Details

Honey sweetens your food as well as your life with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. Used as a sweetener and spread in food, it is also beneficial for the human body. This sweet-tasting treat is comprised of 17-20% water, 76-80% glucose, and fructose, pollen, wax, and mineral salts.

Farmers Pride brings organic forest honey which has a rich amber colour and smooth flavour. It is also free from adulterants.


High in vitamins and minerals like calcium, copper, iron, etc; antioxidants.

Health Benefits:

Healthier replacement for sugar.

Lowers blood pressure, triglycerides; improves cholesterol.

It is good for health.

It helps to burn and wound healing.

Organic Farmer

Harshal Awachat

Manish Nager,Nagpur

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