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Jawa Phool Rice

जावा फूल चावल

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Product Category: Organic Rice

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Jawa Phool Rice Details

Our best rice collection is Jawaful. It is a variety of medium length slender-grained rice from the rich soil of Chhattisgarh. It smells heavenly while cooking and tastes delicious. Jawaful is one of the oldest premium rice cultivated in the region of CG and MP. Jawaful takes a lot of care and time (approx 125 days) to cultivate, therefore, considered one of the premium rice for festivals and special occasions.

Due to a marginal difference in MSP (minimum selling price) of Jawaful and other normal rice, the farmers are not willing to cultivate this variety. Hence, it is on the verge of extinction. We motivate the farmers to grow such varieties as they are not only rare but full of health benefits. Our skilful farmers put in a lot of efforts to provide you with this premium rice with all the health benefits that you expect from your staple food. Jawaful is a rich source of carbohydrates and proteins. It also contains fibre and vitamins in moderate amount.


Farmers Pride Jawaful Rice is milled and packed after your order is received and delivered to you .As per the scientific study of grains, the nutrients are intact only for 20-30 days once the grains are out of the shell. So, if you consume our products within 2-3 weeks (after delivery), you get the maximum nutrients and therefore, the optimum health benefits.


  • -It contains a good amount of essential nutrients such as selenium and zinc.
  • -Lower glycaemic index than other white rice so fewer spikes in sugar.
  • -Cholesterol Free.
  • -Good for a balanced diet.
  • -Easy to digest.

Organic Farmer

Dhanesh Sahu

vill. Mohtara Teli,Mungeli


Dhanesh Sahu is 45 years old and has been doing organic farming since 6 years. He grows Vishnu Bhog rice and turmeric organically. Keeping away his farms from the chemical pesticides (which are readily available), he makes natural fertilizers and pesticides at home. Despite organic farming being 10x harder than usual farming; more labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive, he grows healthy grains for us. He has decided to go organic, why can not you?

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