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Coconut Oil

नारियल का तेल

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Specialty: Cold Pressed
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Coconut Oil Details

Coconut oil has been used for cooking since ancient era. Studies have found many health benefits of coconut oil including heart and skin. It is recommended to consume two tablespoons of organic coconut oil every day. It is a great source of good fat and helps reduce cholesterol. Earlier in India, only Keralites used to prepare food with Coconut oil but now many states are using it as their favorite cooking oil.


Our coconut oil is 100 percent certified organic coconut oil. It is made from the finest quality coconuts sourced from certified organic farms across India. This coconut oil is unrefined, pure and cold pressed. Due to the high smoking point, this lightweight oil is suitable for cooking. Nowadays around the globe, people are using coconut oil for their cooking purposes. Here are the unique points that make our coconut oil stand out from the rest.


  • -Certified cold pressed oil extracted slowly from the dried coconut at low temperature.
  • -Grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides.
  • -Cultivated with controlled organic farming practices.
  • -Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil
  • -Coconut oil has an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial property which increases the immunity.
  • -This is considered good for a diabetic person as well as it controls the blood sugar.
  • -Good for head and body massage.
  • -Reduces bad cholesterol.
  • -Can replace body lotion with Coconut oil which gives you a soft and smooth skin without any chemicals.
  • -Gives shiny look to your hair when massaged on regular basis.

Organic Farmer

Harshal Awachat

Manish Nager,Nagpur

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