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Vishnu Bhog Rice

विष्णु भोग चावल

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Specialty: Scented
Product Category: Organic Rice

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Vishnu Bhog Rice Details

The signature aromatic rice of Chhattisgarh Vishnu-Bhog is one of the best small grain rice for every-day cooking. Fine texture, subtle color and godly flavour add to its supremacy. It contains a good amount of nutrient such as selenium and zinc that helps in weight-control and can be a great addition to your balanced diet.

Farmers of Chhattisgarh usually keep Vishnu-Bhog safe for festive seasons as they offer it as a bhog (offering) to Deity and hence the name. Our premium Vishnu-Bhog rice is cultivated carefully by our skilled farmers and comes to you as fresh as it could be.


Our Rice is milled and packed after your order is received and delivered to you.? As per the scientific study of grains, the nutrients are intact only for 20-30 days once the grains are out of the shell. So, if you consume our rice within 2-3 weeks (after delivery), you get the maximum nutrients and therefore, the optimum health benefits.


  • -Contains higher concentrations of selenium and zinc.
  • -Suitable for diabetics and Obese as it has lesser glycaemic index than other regular white rice.
  • -Aromatic rice provides fast and instant energy to the Body.
  • -Naturally Gluten Free.
  • -No sugar, Controls High blood pressure.
  • -No cholesterol, good for the heart.
  • -Excellent food for a balanced diet.
  • -Helps prevent constipation.

Organic Farmer

Dhanesh Sahu

vill. Mohtara Teli,Mungeli


Dhanesh Sahu is 45 years old and has been doing organic farming since 6 years. He grows Vishnu Bhog rice and turmeric organically. Keeping away his farms from the chemical pesticides (which are readily available), he makes natural fertilizers and pesticides at home. Despite organic farming being 10x harder than usual farming; more labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive, he grows healthy grains for us. He has decided to go organic, why can not you?

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