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Bengal Gram  500 Gm
Bengal Gram  500 Gm

Bengal Gram 500 Gm

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Chana dal contains a high amount of both insoluble and soluble fibres, as well as resistant and slowly-digestible starches. It is very low glycaemic load means a moderated effect on blood sugar and insulin levels when eaten. They contain eight of the nine essential amino acids. Consuming Chana Dal with another plant protein source, such as rice etc. provides the full complement of proteins needed by human body. Our dals are organic and grown naturally without using pesticides. We do not polish them and hence all nutrients are preserved. We grow this organic dal with the group of farmers associated with us. Enjoy the taste of pure dal.

Farmers Pride organic Bengal gram is grown in a natural environment with zero pesticides or chemicals used. Bengal Gram has the highest(approximately 33%) of proteins in it. Proteins are critical component for a variety of tasks, from the formation of new cells to strong bones and increase in haemoglobin.

Health Benefits:
1.Helps in reducing protein malnutrition.
2. Helps in lowering cholesterol level.
3. Good for diabetic patients due to low glycaemic index.
4.Helps in reducing hair fall.