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Black Gram(Split) 1 KG
Black Gram(Split) 1 KG

Black Gram(Split) 1 KG

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Black Gram, also known as Urad Dal, is used in various culinary recipes like dosa, vada and papad but most commonly it is used to make dal. Being rich in protein and other vital minerals, black gram, benefits the body in many ways ranging from improving digestion to regulating blood sugar levels and also they are also used in Ayurvedic medicine too.
Farmers Pride's Organic Black Gram or Dal is dal in its natural form and is free of chemicals. This Organic Dal is also not polished so is more beneficial for the health. Inclusion of Organic dal in the daily diet offers several health benefits and boosts the immune system making the body healthy and strong.

Health Benefits:
1. Rich in iron and protein acts as an excellent energy booster.
2. Promotes heart health due to the presence of magnesium, fibre, folate & potassium.
3. Rich in minerals that can prevent skin aging.
4. Prevents Kidney Stones and manages diabetes.
5. Excellent source of calcium improves bone health.