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Brown Sugar 1kg
Brown Sugar 1kg

Brown Sugar 1kg

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Organic Brown Sugar is the purest form of sugar and is made from freshly squeezed organic sugar cane juice which are organically grown without any pesticides and fertilizers. In brown sugar, all sugar, all the sugar cane's vitamins, and minerals are retained completely making it superior from refined white sugar. Farmers Pride organic brown sugar is a healthy substitute for white sugar with a range of benefits.

Farmers Pride organic brown sugar is a healthier and more delicious substitute to refined sugar. It tastes just the same but has much more nutritional value. It adds a healthy touch of flavour and sweetness to your hot desserts.

Health Benefits:
1. Ability to boost energy levels.
2. Aids in weight loss.
3. It helps in preventing cold.
4. Treats uterine infections.
5. It can be used as a skin exfoliant.
6. It helps in supressing inflammatory symptoms of asthma.