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Coconut oil 250ml
Coconut oil 250ml

Coconut oil 250ml

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Farmers Pride cold-pressed coconut oil is made by naturally pressing the dried coconuts. It is completely natural and is totally chemical-free. This organic coconut oil has a natural scent and flavour. Moreover, it has a high smoke point and that makes it suitable for stir-frying and baking and is also good for skin care. 


Farmers pride coconut is naturally hand pressed and no chemical is used while making the oil. Our Organic coconut oil is great for your health and helps to keep your immunity strong. Also it can be used for skin and hair treatments. This makes this product a multipurpose organic coconut oil 

Health Benefits:

1. Keep you healthy and slim.
2. Promotes heart health.
3. Increase cell regeneration.
4. Protect your body from diseases