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Kidney Beans(Chitra) 1Kg
Kidney Beans(Chitra) 1Kg

Kidney Beans(Chitra) 1Kg

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Farmers Pride Organic Rajma chitra is characterized by its strong flavour and kidney shaped bean. They can be used in making variety of dishes. It has a nutty flavour, rich in fibre and a superior supply of proteins, making them heart healthy. These organic beans are cultivated naturally, without using any preservatives. They have lots of properties that proves beneficial to your health.

Farmers Pride Organic Rajma Chitra are grown naturally and are rich source of resistant starch which helps in weight management. Also provides rich source of iron to combat tiredness and fatigue.

Health Benefits:
1.Buils bone density and strength.
2. Helps pregnant ladies to increase blood count.
3. Helpful to diabetes patients.
4. Improves brain activity and keeps memory intact.