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Turmeric  500Gm
Turmeric  500Gm
Turmeric  500Gm

Turmeric 500Gm

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Turmeric needs no introduction! At some point of time, your mother would have applied turmeric on your wound to heal it faster. It is known as the spice-enhancer and wound-healer all over India. This spice is made from the root of a flowering plant that belongs to the ginger family. The rhizomes of the plant are gathered and then dried in direct sunlight before they are ground to make our powder. Farmers Pride Turmeric Powder is non-irradiated and does not contain colour additives, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. It is known for its freshness, vibrant, flavour & aroma.

Contains curcumin which is a bioactive compound and is a potent antioxidant.

Health Benefits:
Has powerful medicinal properties.
Prevents inf lammation.
Lowers risk of brain diseases like depression, Alzheimer's, etc.
Reduces the risk of heart disease.
Helps prevent and treat cancer.
Boosts digestion and immunity.
Delays ageing and fights age-related chronic diseases.

Place of Origin: Mungeli, Chhattisgarh