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Prakriti Organics envisions a society where all families get healthy food and all farmers get proper remuneration and respect.

The organization envisions our country to be a place where everybody will be strong from within by choosing right food for a healthy body and healthy mind, and where every farmer will be empowered who make it all possible for bringing up the natural and organic food products.


To re-establish organic food production and consumption in society based on principles of nature, holistic health & sustainability.

Enhance personal, economic and social status of farmers.

Re-uniting farmers and consumers again with ethical business, transparency, mutual respect, and relationship as motives.

To improve health of farm ecosystem & nature including soil, water, birds and animals.

Current Activities

Prakriti organics started with an intuitive approach on the basis of belief in justice, sustainability and nature. Later, we came across multiple research inputs related to health, ecology & farming which suggested that we are on the right track. Now, we are working with firm belief that biodiversity based organic farming, natural food production and processing are good for our collective evolution and sustainability of earth. We have built a collaborative ‘’farm to sales’’ model with trusted & experienced organic farmers. It is based on transparency, respect and relationship. Through this model, farmers can get better prices and consumers can get better quality products. We regularly post farmers stories on facebook, website and youtube in order to show respect and gratitude towards farmers.