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A Few Words About Us

Farmers Pride is a unique platform to empower consumers and farmers

Here, we are not just working on consumers’ interests but also empowering the farmer by providing good remuneration and sharing their identity.

We started with a small food processing unit to serve our family and friends.

This small experiment of self-reliance, which began 22 years ago, has made its mark internationally by establishing quality parameters of organic production in society.

Our products are known for their excellent quality and taste.

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अमृत पेय - Pilao/ पिलाओ​

Ayurvedic Refreshing Lemon Tea

Sweet Premix with Ayurvedic Ingredients.

Pilao – अमृत पेय is a natural ayurvedic combination of Indian herbs and spices that offers a refreshing and healthy way to enjoy tea.

The tea is free from caffeine and is a blend of natural herbs and spices that are believed to provide numerous health benefits, including boosting immunity, aiding digestion, and promoting overall well-being.

About Farmers Pride

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What makes us different

It’s a unique platform where proper identity of the farmer is shared with you.  We also provide proper remuneration and respect to our farmers and higher quality products to the customers.

We are a strong community of 100,00+ customers and 100+ sellers who aspire to be good, do good, and spread goodness.

Right kind of food is-
• Natural shape and look – Organic grown grains and pulses have a distinct shape, colour and aroma. For example – one can easily distinguish between a chemically grown basmati and organically grown basmati. Similarly, its evident for vishnubhog, gram, moong, peanuts, coriander, mustard, etc.
• Tasty – It has a unique aroma, flavour and feel. It has also has a very good effect on the body – in terms of digestion, absorption and energy. Once you eat the right one, you won’t need any article or video to understand.
• Fresh and Natural – Food with natural ingredients and not chemicals and preservatives. Right now, many producers add harmful preservatives to increase the shelf life of their products due to centralized processing and warehousing. Right kind of food is processed and packed in small quantities so that we don’t have to put preservatives to sustain them.
• Diverse – Our nutritional needs can’t be fulfilled by one or two crops. We need at least 6-7 types of grains and pulses during a week to support our growth and maintenance.
• Free from carcinogens (chemicals which lead to cancer).

1) Awareness – Creating awareness about natural & organic products. It involves interaction with shopkeepers, families, college students, government officials,
2) Transparency – Building Trust, respect & relationship with farmers & consumers through transparent communication and business
3) Connect – Building network of organic farmers for mutual support
4) Support – Training, marketing, branding, production & processing.