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Groundnut Oil

मूंगफली का तेल

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Specialty: Cold Pressed
Product Category: Organic Oils

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Groundnut Oil Details

Among the various kind of healthiest cooking oils, one that can nit be missed is groundnut oil. Ground nut oil serves the kitchens of India since the ancient times. Now you can experience the bery best of it with Farmers Pride Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil. Naturally grown ground nuts are cold pressed using traditional methods where the oil is extracted without any heating or chemical processes involved. Farmers Pride organic Groundnut Oil is highly nutritious and beneficial with all the nutrients intact.


Farmers Pride cold pressed ground nut oil is completely pure and natural and no added preservatives. It is a effective immunity booster and can be easily used as a cooking oil because it reduces the risk to heart and also has a great taste and fragrance to it.

Health Benefits:

1. Effective Health Booster.

2. Prevents Cancer

3. Good for Skin

4. Relieve Joint Pains

5. High in Vitamin E

6. Reduces Heart disease risk.

7. Helps in strengthening the body.

8. Prevents stomach related problems.

Organic Farmer

Harshal Awachat

Manish Nager,Nagpur

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